• Raised beds are made from corrugated steel.
  • They are lightweight yet strong.
  • The corrugated sheets are riveted together, giving a strong, neat joint.
  • The top edge of the steel is rounded to prevent injury.
  • On  longer beds, cross braces are used to stop the bed from bending outwards due to soil pressure.
  • We paint the inside of the beds with a rubberized paint to prevent corrosion of the steel.


  • They look great.
  • They keep bugs out.
  • Less  bending.
  • No problem with surrounding grass growing into a bed.
  • They drain well.
  • They are light weight and moveable.
  • They can make a feature of a vegetable garden.
  • Pets are less likely to damage plants and gardens.
  • There is no compaction from people standing on the bed, this means that the soil in your raised garden bed will be loose and well aerated for years.
  • Water is saved as all water stays below the plants. In a conventional low bed the water will spread out underground and go outside the reach of the roots of the plants in the bed.


Raised garden beds are good for vegetables and herbs. If placed against a wall, tomatoes can be planted at the back, and shorter vegetables in the front. It is easier to mulch plants in a raised beds, as the mulch is contained by the sides. Flowering bushes as well as small trees are also suitable.


It is easy to put in poles or stands to support climbing plants, or to drape plant netting to protect vegetables from birds and insects.


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