Round tanks are the standard shape in the industry as the circular shape has natural strength without the need for extra material or bracing. They are fireproof as well as good looking. They are environmentally friendly, custom-made and hand-crafted. They can be used for for both rain-water and emergency water storage. Round tanks have been in use for over a hundred years in South Africa and are a part of our architectural heritage.



  • Tank sides – galvanized corrugated steel.
  • Thickness of steel – in most cases 0.8 mm. The sections are joined using stainless steel rivets.
  • Base – underside coated with a rubberized bitumen paint that prevents corrosion.
  • Roof – made of flat sheeting with a 400mm diameter manhole and lid that protrudes 110mm above the top of the tank. The gutter down pipe normally enters the tank through a hole in the manhole lid. 
  • Outlets and overflows – standard fittings include a 40mm female threaded outlet and a 40mm female threaded overflow and two eye bolts (to fasten the tank to its stand).



  • A leaf trap that fits into the manhole. This consists of a stainless steel mosquito-proof mesh that prevents leaves and other debris from entering the tank.
  • Additional outlets/overflows can be fitted according to the customers requirements.




Please Note: Not all roof/gutter combinations are an ideal match for a corrugated steel tank. To ensure the longevity of your tank please here to check tank compatibility. Alternative options include a potable water liner (suitable for drinking water) or a corrugated sleeve to cover an existing plastic tank.



Litres Diameter Height Unline Price Lined Price
265 0.66m 0.8 m R 1 380.00 R1 930.00
450 0.9m 0.8m R 1 660.00 R2 300.00
750 0.76m 1.85m R2 900.00 R3 700.00
800 1.2m 0.8m R 2 290.00 R3 350.00
900 0.9m 1.55m R 3 560.00 R4 365.00
1100 0.9m 1.8m R 3 880.00 R4 700.00
1350 0.9m 2.2m R 4 895.00 R5 850.00
1700  1.2m  1.55m  R 4 705.00 R5 730.00
1940  1.2m  1.8m  R 5 445.00 R6 530.00
2400  1.2m  2.2m  R 6 050.00 R7 260.00
2400  1.4m  1.7m  R 6 530.00 R7 650.00
3400  1.7m  1.5m  R 6 990.00 R8 300.00
5000  1.7m  2.2m  R 9 845.00 R12 100.00
5800  2.2m  1.55m  R 10 545.00 R12 200.00
7750  2.6m  1.55m  R 12 450.00 R14 400.00
8250  2.2m  2.2m  R 12 450.00 R14 400.00
10 000  2.2m  2.7m  R 12 925.00 R15 950.00



We can make tanks to almost any diameter or height. Please contact us for a quotation.