At present our Tuinhuys is available in Cape Town as a competely made up item. Unfortunately in Johannesburg we can only offer the curved roof plus instructions for the rest of the structure. 



  • Can be either an inverted U-shape or a Semi-circular shape
  • Manufactured from curved galvanized corrugated roof sheeting – curved corrugated steel sheets form a very strong structure
  • Attached to a galvanized square tube base frame. If placed on a concrete floor, the frame is bolted to the concrete.
  • Durable and attractive
  • Movable – can be dis-assembled and moved to a new site for re-assembly
  • The tuynhuys can be placed on level ground with a board floor on top of the base frame.



  • Extra space for furniture, garden furniture, garden equipment
  • Workshop or hobby space
  • Childrens play area
  • Storage
  • Poultry houses
  • Livestock Shelters
  • Garages
  • Pump houses & Pump covers



  • The back end can be constructed from either galvanized flat sheet; board or hardwood planks.
  • The back wall can be recessed to provide a storage area for firewood or garden tools.
  • The front door can have various configurations: large barn doors; half barn door; single door;stable door.The door is recessed slightly so that it is protected from weather. A glass front is also possible.



Windows can be added in the back and front walls/doors. If necessary windows can also be added to the corrugated section.



See below for our standard tuinhuys dimensions. The length can easily be increased by adding more corrugated sheets next to eachother.

We can custom design you almost any size. The design can be scaled down to a mini garden shed, dog kennel or anything in between.


COST (NB prices include VAT)


Small           1.8m wide x 1.5m high x 2.16m long = R 9147

Medium      1.85m wide x 2.0 m high x 2.8m long = R 12 420

Large            2.4m wide x 2.2 m high x 3.5m long = R 18 684


Sheet metal back wall.
Shutter board front with single door.
Floor optional extra.