Our RainQueen Hot Tubs are winter’s ‘new pools’. They are ideal for your back garden where the space perhaps needs a little bit of a transformation into a space you want to spend time in. And I promise you with one of our Hot Tubs in your garden you aren’t going to want to spend any time inside! The corrugated steel is left in its raw form and can withstand the heat from the wood stove and the hot water. Beautifully aesthetic and practical one can really imagine you are sitting in the Karoo somewhere under millions of stars.




Currently we have two popular standard sizes available:

2m diameter by 800mm high
2.4m diameter by 800mm high 

Each Hot Tub comes with:

  • a standard 40mm outlet at 130mm of the ground.
    (can add outlets of varying size: 20mm; 40mm; 50mm)
  • OPTIONAL Stainless Steel Stove or Aluminium Stove
  • OPTIONAL PVC tub covers

Please note: the tubs are not lined or painted and are therefor not suitable for pool chemicals of any sort. The tub can be filled as needed and once finished the water can be used to water the garden.


The stove (be it aluminium or stainless steel) is bolted to the floor of the Hot Tub. The stove comes with a 1.5m chimney that sticks up above the water and one ash scoop. The stove is wood fired and a little fire is lit with kindling and fire lighters in the bottom of the stove. The temperature of the water is completely dependent on how much heat your fire is giving off. Want it to be hotter? Stoke the fire and add more wood. The tub should be warm enough within 2 hours. Stirring the water around can help to speed up the process and mix the hot water in nicely. A PVC cover can help to speed this process up as it traps any heat that tries to escape. When the tub is not in use a cover could also help to keep the water clean.

If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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