• Corrugated sides: Corrugated steel, 0.8mm thick, galvanised (Z275). Standard panel length 3.44m. Overlap between panels 300mm for extra strength. Panels curved to required radius and pre-drilled with vertical bolt holes.
  • Liner: 550 gram per square metre PVC liner with welded seams. 5 year guarantee on liner. Liner folded over corrugated wall and secured by 5mm cable and turnbuckle. Alternatively the liner can be secured on the inside of the reservoir with an aluminium flat bar and bolts.
  • Outlets: Two 40mm outlets supplied. Larger outlets can be supplied on request.
  • Roof: covers of 80% shade cloth or PVC can be supplied. On larger diameters a central pole is used to keep the cover tight. The cover is secured to hooks on the corrugated wall with rope.
  • Base:  The area underneath the tank needs to be stable, smooth and level (it need not be concrete). For larger tanks a concrete ring beam with a sand base is recommended. See specifications tab for more detail. Once the corrugated ring is assembled 50mm of clean sand should be spread inside to provide a smooth surface for the liner.


  • Cost effective Water storage solution.
  • Minimum Site preparation needed.
  • Movable.
  • Available in various sizes – see pricing tab.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Can be transported by bakkie or trailer.
  • Can be assembled in remote and inaccessible areas.
  • Can withstand soil movement better than a concrete reservoir.


Corrugated steel reservoirs are commonly used in agriculture and mining as they offer a strong and simple solution to water storage.


Delivery and assembly can be arranged within a 200km radius of Cape Town and Johannesburg (excludes site preparation and levelling, plumbing and filling).

For customers more than 200kms away we use transport contractors for delivery and do not offer assembly. We provide instructions for DIY assembly.

The corrugated panels are bolted together and the PVC liner placed inside. Assembly can normally be completed in one day (excluding site preparation and levelling).


In windy sites the reservoir can be damaged by wind when empty. Reservoirs should be filled immediately on completing assembly and should never be emptied completely. Alternatively the reservoir can be secured to a ring beam.


Prices are ex-factory near Stellenbosch. Include corrugated steel, pvc liner, nuts and bolts and one 40mm outlet.

NB prices include VAT.

Using 0.8mm thick galvanised corrugated steel, we can supply  reservoirs up to 121 000 litres.

Please contact us for prices on other sizes or dimensions.

For standardised sizes and pricing click here.