Corrugated steel tank sleeves can be used to cover and conceal plastic or other tanks. They are an aesthetically pleasing solution to rain water harvesting if you already have a plastic tank and would like your tank to become a feature, or if you have a roof made of either zinc alume or Chromadek (both of which are not compatible with galvanised steel tanks), as the rainwater is not in contact with the galvanised  steel.


We can supply the corrugated rings to cover a plastic tank. The rings can be nested together to reduce transport costs – ideal for long distance transport and export.


  • The sleeve does not have a base or top and is not water-tight.
  • If the top of the plastic tank is visible we can supply a sheet metal top.
  • We can custom make the rings to fit any size plastic tank. The sleeve diameter is normally 3oomm larger than the plastic tank diameter.
  • Holes will need to be cut to accommodate existing piping and connections.
  • The sleeves can also be transported in concentric rings which reduces volume and transport costs.

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