Corrugated Kit Tanks are tanks that are made of seperate corrugated steel sections that are assembled on site. They are compact and ideal for long distance transport and export. Kit Tanks are also suitable for assembly where access is problematic – basements, rooftops, mountain tops or back gardens.


  • Tanks are constructed from corrugated steel sections.
  • Joined with 6mm bolts.
  • 550 gram PVC liner included.
  • Two 40mm outlets.
  • Corrugated profile brackets provided for attaching the tank to the base.
  • Roof consists of 0.58mm galvanized flat sheet, galvanized angle iron supports, 400mm manhole with flat sheet slide over lid. Corrugated brackets are also supplied for attaching roof angle iron supports to tank wall.
  • Surface must be flat, smooth, stable and level. A compacted ground with a sand layer on top to protect the liner is ideal.

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