All of our tanks come with standard specifications. Below is a list with pictures to clearly show you how your tanks ‘nitty gritty’ joins etcetra will look. Please note that although outlets are fitted with a standard 40mm female fitting we are able to change this on request.

  • All of our tanks come with two fitted 40mm outlets – an overflow and a tap.

[Top left] Outlet with stopper which can be replaced with a tap fitting of your choice. This is placed 100mm from the base of the tank.

[Top right] Outlet without stopper normally left as the overflow. This is placed 100mm from the top of the tank.

  • All tanks come with a vertival joining pattern and depending on the height of your tank it could also have a horizontal joining pattern.

[Top left] Horizontal rivet pattern joining a top and a bottom ring together to increase the height of your tank.

[Top right] Vertical rivet pattern joiing two ends of a ring together.

  • Every tank is supplied with two fitted Wind-bolts.

Wind bolts are attached on opposite sides of the tank so as to be able to secure the tank.

  • A manhole with leaf trap, lid and attaching chord are standard with every tank unless otherwise requested.

The manhole is a 400mm diameter hole in the top of the tank with a fitting lid. The leaf trap fits perfectly inside – this consists of a stainless steel mosquito proof mesh to stop leaves and debris entering the tank.