Streamline tanks are oval tanks (equivalent to the Australian slimline corrugated tank). Space saving and less conspicuous as their long straight sides allow them to fit flush against a wall and will even tuck under the eaves of a home. The height can be chosen so as to even fit beneath a window. Streamline tanks have a modern, appealing look to them and fit in with most new house designs. 


  • Streamline tanks have additional bracing to stop the long walls bowing with water pressure. These braces are stainless steel (to prevent corrosion).
  • Tank sides – galvanised corrugated steel.
  • Thickness of steel – in most cases 0.8mm. The sections are joined using stainless steel rivets.
  • Base – underside coated with a rubberised bitumen paint that prevents corrosion.
  • Roof – made of flat sheeting with a 400mm diameter manhole and lid that protrudes 110mm above the top of the tank. The gutter down pipe normally enters the tank through a hole in the manhole lid. 
  • Outlets and overflows – standard fittings include a 40mm threaded outlet and a 40mm threaded overflow and two eye bolts (to fasten the tank to its stand).
  • Lining – Tanks are either coated internally with paint suitable for drinking water, or have PVC or Vinyl liners that are suitable for potable water.


  • A leaf trap that fits into the manhole. This consists of a stainless steel mosquito-proof mesh that prevents leaves and other debris from entering the tank.
  • Additional outlets / overflows can be fitted according to the customers requirements.

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