More suited to urban environments than our reservoirs (farm dams). Urban Large Volume Tanks will have a smaller footprint than a reservoir of the same volume. They also look sleeker and less agricultural than our reservoirs.

They are assembled on site so large tanks can be placed in areas with restricted access.


  • Urban Large Volume Tanks are 2.2m high, with diameters from 2 to 7m.


BASE: A concrete base is not always necessary, a compacted soil base will normally be adequate. However construction of the soil base requires careful attention to levelling and compaction.

A concrete base is not necessary for such a tank, we therefore develop a base out of compacted earth. Construction of the compacted earth base requires careful attention to levelling and compacting the site.

BODY: The body of the tank comprises corrugated steel panels bolted together with generous overlaps to enhance strength. The body has no bottom and is open to the base.

WATER CONTAINMENT: The Urban Large Volume Tanks are lined with PVC liners suitable for drinking water use. The liner is made to fit the diameter of the tank.

ROOF: There are two options:

  1. 95% shade cover roof. This will satisfy most requirements in terms of protecting the water from dirt and light, as well as providing a safety cover.
  2. Corrugated steel roof, comprising corrugated zinc-alume with galvanized steel trusses.


  • More volume with less of a footprint when compared with a reservoir.
  • Minimum site preparation needed.
  • Available in various sizes – see pricing tab.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Can be assembled in an urban or rural area
  • Can withstand soil movement better than a concrete reservoir.


In windy sites the tank can be damaged by wind when empty. Tanks should be filled immediately on completing assembly and should never be emptied completely.


For standardised sizes and pricing click HERE.